Pizza & BBQ Are Available At These Two Top Topeka Restaurants

Several great restaurants in Topeka, Kansas have been featured, and now it is time to show you two more. The first is a barbecue place that is going to give you some delicious eats, and the second is a pizza place. These are top ranked establishments in Topeka out of 287 restaurants, so you know you are going to have a good time.

It was mentioned that the barbecue place would go first. HHB Barbecue is located on South Kansas Avenue, and one of the highlights is my favorite, brisket. If you have good brisket at a barbecue restaurant, you can call out any restaurant. This place has great reviews folks, so you have to imagine that the food is superb. Reviewers also talk highly of the ribs, and guys, they sell some of their meats to take home and cook. Now isn’t that something different.

Glory Days Pizza is your next restaurant to visit. It is located on SW Wanamaker Road, and the original crust is something that the reviewers rave about. If you want to experience unique pizza that you can’t get everywhere else, this looks like your place. One pizza connoisseur talks about the website and how good it is, so you may want to check it out before you visit. The same reviewer talks about eating his entire pizza.

Whether you want pizza or barbecue, you have two great restaurants to stop by. Enjoy some ribs, brisket, authentic pizza and more when you stop by Glory Days Pizza and HHB Barbecue. It is hard to pick which one to stop by first. Right now, if I were traveling Topeka, Kansas and wanting to eat dinner, what would win out for me is the pizza place. If you have kids, your first Topeka dinner might be Glory Days Pizza, too.

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