Topeka Is So Far Away From Here

A few months ago, I met a great guy who is originally from Topeka, KS. We hit it off right away and we have been dating ever since. The only issue that I am having is the fact that he intends to head back to his hometown once he is done with school. I do not want to break up with him, so I am thinking about making a grand gesture and telling him that I am willing to follow him to wherever he decides to go.

This is probably one of the most spontaneous things I have ever decided to do. Since I have been living in the epicenter of New York City all of my life, so trying to take my life and move it to Kansas will be something else. I am sort of looking forward to the idea of living in a place where people are actually nice to one another and I will not have to be stuck in traffic whenever I decide that I want to go someplace in my car.

The thing that I am probably going to miss the most about this city is the fact that this place is so diverse. I can eat things like Ethiopian food and Dominican food whenever I like. I do not believe that these are cuisines I will have access to once I head to Kansas. I will also miss the concept of heading into Manhattan and eating from all of the food trucks I pass on my way to work.

Despite all of this, I am ready and willing to give it all up and move to Kansas. While this may seem crazy, it is far less ridiculous than trying to live without the one that I love.

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