Two Topeka Restaurants And A Bonus In The Great State Of Kansas

Just about every cuisine has been covered in Topeka, Kansas, but isn’t it so much fun exploring all of the restaurants there? I’ve got two good ones for you, and you will have a great meal with your family. If you are ready for the first one, let’s hope on over to Jeremiah Bullfrogs on SW Wanamaker Road. This is a popular bar or pub with delicious food like spinach and artichoke dip. They also have sports games on TV so that livens up the atmosphere.

People have good things to say about Jeremiah Bullfrogs. One reviewer talks about going there on Comedy Night. Another past guest talks about the Barnyard Burger and also about how delicious the margaritas are. It is a bar or pub as mentioned, but it is a popular one. Plus, as you can see the food is popular, too, or it wouldn’t be classified as a top ranked restaurant on top of being a pub.

The next restaurant has a different type of name, too. Classic Bean is the restaurant, and it is a coffee shop on South Kansas Avenue. While guests do say the menu isn’t huge, that really is expected with a coffee shop. Enough guests do say things about the food items you can order to get a good idea of what they have by reading the reviews. One thing you can enjoy there is a breakfast sandwich with your coffee?

Let’s do a bonus restaurant this round and then you can end up having three places to visit. The Celtic Fox looks like a really cool establishment, and it is located on SW 8th Avenue. Now you have enough to keep you busy, and you might even want to try one of these places twice. Have fun eating to your heart’s content.

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